Who doesn’t love lip-smacking or finger-licking food? When our skills with knife and ladle are at noob level, tasty food always seems a distant dream or a restaurant’s luxury we can’t afford every day. Do you often stumble with silly mistakes and end up destroying the dishes? Check out these genius hacks to level up your skills without having to toil and practice for long!

Don’t underestimate the power of herbs and spices

If you are trying to improve taste and texture, herbs and spices should be your handy pals. Salt, sugar, spices, chilies, condiments, or even a dash of lemon can instantly bring out new flavors to your dish.

Search on the web or try out various combinations to marinate your meats and veggies, garnish your one-pot meals and salads or simply enhance your broths and soups. You never really know how just a pinch of salt can uplift the hidden flavors in your cake!

Cooking Skills

Use low flame cooking for inside-out perfection

High heat for pans or direct cooking on the flame instantly burns the top layer, making the food look cooked. But in reality, the internal stuff remains raw, and the entire dish turns out undercooked.

To avoid this mistake, use low flame and prolonged heat to cook the whole meal evenly. It will save the food from burning and help absorb the ingredients uniformly. Additionally, ensure to avoid crowding the pan or vessel, which can easily lead to spill and waste.

Cook till you get the appropriate texture

We always refer to the recipe books or YouTube blogs when trying out a new dish or when we can’t handle the kitchen perfectly. Even though we strictly follow the portions and instructions, we sometimes get undercooked food or even a burnt crust.

Thus, while roasting, frying, baking, or steaming, ensure to cook till you get a proper texture, even if it’s a little longer than instructed. Say, the crust should be crunchy for fries, baked goods shouldn’t be soggy inside, or sautéed veggies shouldn’t be raw or hard to chew.

Make friends with cool kitchen appliances

If you are no chef, taking the help of technology can wonderfully change your style and taste. Modern appliances like electric blenders, egg steamers, air-fryers, closed grillers, or smart ovens can do wonders when you don’t have the idea how much to put or how long to cook.

Say, if you are unsure of setting the proper time for baking, use a bread maker instead! These one-time invested appliances generally have multiple pre-installed settings to select and cook different dishes and work well to replace many manual efforts.

Cooking Skills

Use the proper ingredients

We tend to search for substitutes if we run out of stock or suddenly get health-conscious, but you should note that not all ingredients work well everywhere. While preparing a dish, we can’t add the flavors contradicting each other or use those items that aren’t cooked in the same method.

Wrong combinations and proportions can leave the food uncooked and destroy its inherent taste (like less oil seems healthy, but the food eventually sticks and burns). Thus, use proper ingredients, or even if you are searching for alternates, try to find from similar categories.